The Crucial m500 is a 960 GB solid state drive made for a very bright future. It is the closest internal memory card to a one terabyte capacity, making it a pioneer in its class.StorageReview-Crucial-M500-SSD

The internal memory card uses Marvell’s 88SS9187 controller, IMFT’s 20nm NAND Flash. Also included in the SSD is a gigabyte of DDR3-1600 memory which is used to map the internal storage information as well as run a full AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) engine.

You can write, erase and overwrite the drive multiple times until it has recorded about 72 GB worth of data. It reads data at 500Mbps and writes data at 400Mbps. It has a warranty of three years.

The Crucial m500 SSD’s ability to encrypt data is unmatched, hence ensures the user has optimum security when they store data in the SSD. This is a wonderful device that is not overly expensive and gives you a nice high performance and TSG Opal 2.0 support.